Dental Crowns

Worn out and damaged teeth should not drown your self-esteem whenever you are out in public. They should neither give you a hard time while eating nor force you to keep your mouth shut instead of smiling at your clients.

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Why Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are meant to fit over damaged or worn out teeth. Also, they can be serving cosmetic purposes by restoring the appearance of your discolored teeth and help them to regain their former hue. Depending on the need, you may have a temporary crown fitted as you wait for a permanent one to be made.

Dental crowns have a myriad of purposes in restorative and cosmetic dentistry. They perform an integral role in offering support to weak and broken teeth. Since untreated dental problems can accelerate and result in jaw pains, headaches, and biting anomalies, dental crowns come in to help avert such issues while also helping to prevent further damages to otherwise healthy teeth.

When to Have Dental Crowns (Fillings)

A dentist may recommend dental crowns to:


x Anchor bridgework

x Support extensively filled teeth.

x Cover a dental implant.

x Protect soft or weakened teeth.

x Rebuild teeth after root canal procedures.

x Create healthy biting.

x Restore the appearance of chipped, discolored, or shapeless teeth.

Types of Crowns

Depending on the need, our dentist will advise you on the crown type that you should have. They are usually categorized into three, that is:

x Full metal

x Porcelain

x Porcelain fused to metal.

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