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Dental Implant Patient

"..I'm a patient of Dr. Rahimi, I had a tooth break, and he pulled it (extraction) and put in an implant. And it's perfect, I can't tell the difference. I was a bit nervous, I talked to one of his patients at the parking of a party, and he said, "Don't worry about it." So, I didn't. There was no pain. Everybody here is real dedicated and professional, always in a good mood. It's always fun to come here, like family."

"....Hi, I'm Frank. I'm here at Dr. Rahimi's office. I have been a patient for 15 years, and the doc has been nice enough to do a lot of work and helped me out quite a bit. What I like about the service here is professionalism and the staff work together in harmony to do a good job. If I recommend someone, it would be because I sincerely believe in the quality of work here, and Dr. Rahimi is a constant pro, and he does great job. And also, their ability to work with insurance groups is really helpful. What made me happy about my treatment was everything was done in-house. What I mean by that from Invisalign to Braces to cutting a fitting teeth (Dentures), Dr. Rahimi does it all. ... he works with pain-free dentistry, and I like coming and going without being laid out for a day or two."


Mallard Lane Dental Patient

"....I talk to others about how great this dental practice is all the time. Here are the reasons why: 1. Pain is almost nonexistent... Dr. Rahimi's primary concern is expert and painless dental work. The same concern drives his assistants and staff. If you're afraid of pain like I am, this is the dental practice for you. Dr. Rahimi's competence is eminently qualified, an expert dentist without question. The superb quality of his assistants, dental hygienists, staff is equally exceptional. The dental practice's facilities are state-of-the-art. Ask for a tour, and one of Dr. Rahimi's able assistants will be glad to show you around. Dr. Rahimi greets me with a handshake and few pleasant words every time I come in, the staff is equally welcoming. If you need a smile from someone. This is the place to come. I recommend Dr. Rahimi and his dental practice without reservation."


Great Patient

"....I have been a patient of Dr. Rahimi since 2013. I came in originally because I have had dentures since I was 30, and it was time for a new set of denture. My old ones were ill-fitting. I came in, he fitted me for the dentures, and they fit so tightly I didn't have to come back for 4 or 5 years. I originally wanted the little post that would hold down the dentures. The doctor was totally on board... did everything necessary to make sure that my mouth would support the little post that would hold in my denture. What I liked the most coming to Dr. Rahimi is that he is really kind and caring. And if I'm not happy with something, he's not happy either... The office staff is great. I can get in usually the same day with no problem, and even if it's just a minor adjustment, they're always very accommodating. So about that, I really do appreciate it... no one ever pressures me into trying to do anything more expensive, any of the upselling, the full dental implant that is really popular now... I will continue to come to Dr. Rahimi for all my dental care in the future."

From the Award Winning The Mountain Democrat and Style Magazine

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