Family Dentisry

We have been Treating Families for nearly 20 years In Placerville, CA

Treating families in the dental office brings a unique set of joys and rewards for dental professionals. There's a special satisfaction in watching children grow and develop, helping them overcome their fears of dental visits through positive experiences and education. Furthermore, building relationships with entire families allows for a more thorough understanding of genetic dental issues and the household's dietary and hygiene habits, leading to more effective and personalized care plans. These connections often extend beyond the dental chair, fostering a sense of community and trust. Family appointments can also streamline care, making dental health a more convenient and less daunting prospect for busy families. Ultimately, the opportunity to impact the oral health and, by extension, the overall well-being of multiple generations is a profound source of fulfillment for dentists and dental staff. Mallard Lane Dental. Placerville, CA

Families come in all shapes and forms

In our dental office, we are privileged to care for families from all walks of life, encompassing diverse shapes, forms, ethnic backgrounds, racial profiles, religions, and more.
This rich tapestry of clients enriches our practice, allowing us not only to treat but also to learn from every unique family's experiences.
Overcrowded Teeth: It can address issues of overcrowding by creating more space between teeth.
We understand that each family brings its own set of beliefs, health practices, and cultural perspectives that influence their dental care choices.
Recognizing and respecting these differences enables us to provide more customized and sensitive care, fostering an inclusive environment.
In turn, this diversity educates and informs our team, broadening our understanding of oral health across different cultures and lifestyles.

We implement the following practices to keep our patients safe in our office

Sterilization of Instruments (dental tools): All dental instruments are sterilized after each use to eliminate any pathogens and prevent cross-contamination. Disinfection of Surfaces: We thoroughly disinfect all surfaces, including dental chairs, countertops, and many many more, after each patient. Use of Disposable Supplies: Where possible, we opt for disposable, single-use items to ensure  patient safety. Fresh Outside Air: Our office is design in a way that we constantly have fresh outside air mixed in our ventilation system to reduce aerosols particles containing viruses or bacteria. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): All staff members wear appropriate PPE, including masks, gloves, and face shields, in according with Country and State regulations.
Hand Hygiene Protocols: We require all staff to wash their hands often through out the day. Patient Screening: All patients are screened for symptoms of illness before entering the office to protect our community's health. Waiting Room Management: Our waiting area is organized to maintain social distancing. Contactless Payment Options: To minimize physical contact, we offer contactless payment methods. Ongoing Team Training: Our team receives regular training on the latest cleanliness and safety practices to ensure we are up to date with the most effective methods.

Safety Steps

One time use burs

This insures that you receive no cross contamination of debris from previous patients

Clean water lines

We use a special medical grade filter to keep the water clean from pathogens

Spore testing

To make make sure that our sterilization units are killing the germs in the instruments


Why we have implemented one time use dental burs (small drills bits)?

In our dental office, the utilization of one-time-use dental burs offers significant benefits. Primarily, these disposable instruments greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients. Since each bur is used only once before being safely discarded, the potential for transmitting infections is minimized. Additionally, using fresh burs for every patient ensures optimal performance and precision, as these tools are at their sharpest when new. This practice not only enhances patient safety but also improves the quality of care by ensuring that dental procedures are performed with the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

What is Sterisil Straw?

The Sterisil Straw represents an advanced solution in dental waterline treatment, specifically designed to address the challenge of microbial contamination in dental unit waterlines. This innovative product continuously releases a low level of disinfectant into the waterline, effectively eliminating bacteria and ensuring water used in dental procedures meets or exceeds ADA and EPA standards for microbiological purity. For patients, this means an added layer of safety, as it significantly reduces the risk of exposure to harmful microorganisms during dental treatments.

Why we Spore test our Sterilizers weekly?

This biological monitoring technique involves the use of highly resistant bacterial spores to validate that sterilization equipment is functioning properly and effectively eliminating all forms of microbial life. For patients, this translates into an enhanced layer of protection against infections. Regular spore testing provides tangible proof that the instruments used in their care are free from potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. Consequently, patients benefit from a safer clinical environment, which not only reduces their risk of post-treatment infections but also reinforces their confidence in the quality and safety of the dental care being provided.

Why we work hard to keep our dental office clean?

At the heart of our practice lies a core belief: we treat our patients like family members. This philosophy extends beyond mere words into every aspect of our care and operational protocols. Their safety, comfort, and well-being are our foremost priorities, underscoring every decision and measure we implement. It is not just our patients we pledge to protect; we, along with our own families, entrust our health to the same environment, treatments, and staff.

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