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Dentistry employs an extensive catalog of dental codes, recognized and standardized by the American Dental Association (ADA), for billing insurance and tracking treatments. These codes, known within the industry as Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes, are essential for ensuring that dental practices and insurance companies speak the same language when it comes to the variety of procedures performed. For instance, there is a specific code to recement crowns that have come loose and another distinct code for rescrewing implant crowns. With thousands of codes covering everything from routine cleanings to the most complex oral surgeries, these ADA-specific codes facilitate a streamlined billing process, precise record-keeping, and the efficient coordination of care.

We see all types of dental challenges

As a dental practice with nearly two decades of experience, we have had the privilege of treating a wide variety of dental issues. Our team is profoundly skilled in addressing everything from routine dental care to complex oral health problems. We firmly believe in a personalized approach, understanding that each patient comes with their unique set of challenges and concerns. Whether you're dealing with common issues like cavities and gum disease or more complex conditions requiring specialized treatment, our practice is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to provide the highest standard of care. Our commitment to continuous learning ensures we are always up-to-date with the latest treatment methods, making us a trusted choice for patients seeking comprehensive dental care.

Some of the non common dental codes and treatments

D4265 - Biologic materials to aid in soft and osseous tissue regeneration D6245 - Pontic - porcelain/ceramic D7970 - Excision of hyperplastic tissue - per arch D8670 - Periodic orthodontic treatment visit (as part of contract)
D9215 - Local anesthesia in conjunction with operative or surgical procedures D9944 - Occlusal guard, by report, hard appliance, full arch D9974 - Internal bleaching - per tooth D6114 - Implant/abutment supported fixed denture for edentulous arch - maxillary
D6740 - Crown - porcelain/ceramic substrate D8063 - Invisalign - adolescent D9223 - Deep sedation/general anesthesia - each additional 15 minutes D9430 - Office visit for observation (during regularly scheduled hours) - no other services performed
D9613 - Infiltration of sustained release therapeutic drug - single or multiple sites D0350 - Oral/facial photographic images D7286 - Biopsy of oral tissue - hard (bone, tooth) D7610 - Maxilla - closed reduction (fracture)
D7640 - Mandible - closed reduction (fracture) D9410 - House/extended care facility call D9911 - Application of desensitizing resin for cervical and/or root surface, per tooth D6094 - Abutment supported crown - titanium. These codes ensure that specific treatments are accurately documented and billed, facilitating effective communication between dental professionals and insurance providers.
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