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Dental fillings are common treatments that dentists use to restore decayed or damaged teeth. They can be used to stop tooth decay from spreading, strengthen a tooth that has become cracked or chipped, and prevent an infected tooth from worsening. Fillings come in many forms, but the most popular composite resin contains plastic mixed with other ingredients. This material fuses with the enamel of your teeth, so it will not wear down over time as metal fillings do. To determine if you need a dental filling, schedule an appointment at Mallard Lane Dental today!

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Mallard Lane Dental in Placerville, CA offers a wide range of dental services that will help you get the smile that you've always wanted. We offer teeth cleaning and whitening for people who want to improve their appearance. If you're looking for fillings, crowns, root canals, or other tooth repair services, we have what it takes to fix your problem! Our professionals are skilled in the latest dental technology, so you'll receive quality care. To find out more about the treatment options offered by Mallard Lane Dental and how we can help you with yours, call (530) 622-0701 today!

Types of Dental Fillings

In the last few decades, dental fillings have been a popular go-to for dentists. With many materials to choose from and a variety of procedures, there is a filling that will be perfect for each person's needs. There are three main types of fillings: composite resin, amalgam (or silver), and glass ionomer cement.

Composite Resin

Composite resins are made up of acrylics or polyethylene glycol-based plastics, which can be used on teeth with cavities or fractures.  It can be used on teeth that are discolored, chipped, decaying or broken. Over time the material fuses with enamel and will not break down as metal fillings do. This type of filling is also tooth-colored, so there's no need to worry about it looking obvious when you smile!

Amalgam (or silver)

These dental fillings are commonly known as "silver" but they're a combination of metals like tin, copper, silver, zinc, and mercury alloyed together in an alloy powder form before being pressed into place using heat or epoxy resin. Amalgams last longer than composite resins because the lifespan of amalgams is more than ten years, while composites typically last five to seven years.

Glass Ionomer Cement

Glasses ionomers are made of acrylic or polyacrylic acid glass combined with an epoxy resin. Glass ions will bond to the tooth enamel in order to restore its strength and structure. This is particularly useful when treating teeth that have become weak after root canal treatment, removing the decay, or preventing gum disease from destroying more tooth material than necessary. These can be used on front teeth, but they aren't recommended for back molars because it is difficult to keep them clean!

Dental Fillings Procedure

The process of getting a dental filling is straightforward. First, our dentist will numb the area with a local anesthetic to relieve any discomfort you may feel during treatment. We'll begin by removing all traces of decayed tooth material from around the cavity using special tools that help clean up areas where bacteria have been hiding out in between teeth or under fillings!

Once we've removed all debris, we can then shape it into a smooth surface ready for a new filling. Our dentist will choose which type of filling material works best based on what's going on inside your mouth and how much healthy tooth structure remains after cleaning away decay. It might be amalgam (silver), resin composite, or glass ion cement, depending on whether cavities, fractures, or decayed areas are to be treated. After the filling is placed in your mouth, our dentist will let you know how long it takes for the tooth color to set so you can plan accordingly when scheduling a follow-up appointment!

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