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Are you having a missing tooth that is always eroding your beautiful smile and lowering your confidence? Do you ever wish for a long-lasting solution for it but have no idea about where to get it? If so, relax and visit Mallard Lane Dental, where our professional Placerville, CA dentist will attend to you with one of the latest and most advanced denture placements.

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Why Choose Dentures?

Having gaps in your jaw not only affects your self-esteem and smile, but it can also open ways to a number of oral health issues. With our Mallard Lane Dental dentists, however, this should never be a problem anymore. We have the right skills and experience to help you to rectify the issue with an affordable denture solution.

Types of Dentures

Depending on the reason, preferences, as well as your budget, you can choose between full mouth and removable dentures. The two are designed to offer solutions at different levels. Whichever the type that you want, however, the Mallard Lane Dental dentists will adopt that for you and help you to regain and maintain a healthy and attractive smile.

Full Mouth Dentures

Full mouth dentures can be categorized into two:

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures (full mouth dentures) are usually used for replacing the entire up and/or lower jaws where some teeth are missing.

Partial Dentures

On the other hand, partial dentures are removable dental appliances and are placed over the jaw to replace any missing teeth. In this case, the dentures can be attached to the adjacent or existing teeth using clasps, bridges, or crowns. Partial dentures can also help you to prevent the remaining intact teeth from shifting into the empty spaces or gaps left by extracted teeth

When a tooth shifts into a missing tooth’s space, it can:

  • Damage some of the tissues in your mouth.
  • Increase the risks of tooth decay.
  • Impede your speech.
  • Increase the risk of further teeth loss.
  • Increase the risk of gum disease.

Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are mostly partial too and occupy any space that is left by missing teeth whenever the owner needs to. With dentures, it is easy for you to obtain the full and natural-looking smile without a struggle. It will also help you to retain your confidence even in public.

Both types of dentures are adopted for making it easier to chew, maintain a stronger jaw, and retain your smile when you have lost some teeth. They are also meant to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting into the gaps left by the missing teeth. Additionally, they help you by preventing your face from sagging or appearing drawn in by supporting your cheeks and lips.

Why Choose Us

At the Mallard Lane Dental, we understand the need for you to retain that beautiful and natural smile. We also understand the importance of a full jawline when it comes to chewing. To ensure that you can have all that and as seamlessly as possible, we have invested in some of the best and latest technologies to make sure that we are ready for any emerging issues and trends.

Our clients are also our full-time business. We endeavor to earn each one of their trust and maintain it by giving them the service that they desire. If you have a need for dentures, be it full, partial, or removable, do not hesitate to talk to us today.

Call us through our main phone line to book an appointment with an expert dentist today. Our main phone line is (530) 622-0701, where you can make your inquiries through or ask questions about our services and charges.

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